Energy : Solar Power

Solar: A Community Investment

Don’t get me wrong, sports courts and ice rinks are all important threads in a community’s fabric, but they cost money to operate and require maintenance and replacement as they depreciate over time. The LED lights and solar system installed at the Evansdale Community League in Edmonton are different. The lights will save 65 per cent on electricity costs for the rink and the solar system will pay a dividend every single month for the next quarter century.

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Industrial Symbiosis: Growing tomatoes with an ethanol plants waste

Episode 71 - Original Story: By David Dodge & Duncan Kinney Kalundborg is a small port city in Denmark with a 12th century cobblestone downtown and a decidedly industrial feel. It is home to a 1,500-megawatt monster of a coal burning power plant, a refinery, a pharmaceutical plant, a plasterboard factory and a half dozen other paeans to

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The Beauty of Biodiesel

We all know that petrol and diesel in our cars are harmful to the environment but how much do you know about a safer alternative known as biodiesel? Biodiesel is homemade, renewable fuel that is made from vegetable oils, animal fat, and other greases. It is more safe and efficient for our earth as it reduces emissions and is a cleaner burning alternative. Biodiesel is fuel made from natural oils and can be used in compression ignition

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