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Solar: A Community Investment

Don’t get me wrong, sports courts and ice rinks are all important threads in a community’s fabric, but they cost money to operate and require maintenance and replacement as they depreciate over time. The LED lights and solar system installed at the Evansdale Community League in Edmonton are different. The lights will save 65 per cent on electricity costs for the rink and the solar system will pay a dividend every single month for the next quarter century.

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Wind and Solar Reduce the Price of Electricity in Alberta

Episode 89 - Original Story: By David Dodge & Duncan Kinney Have you heard the one about how renewables are too expensive and that they always need subsidies? Well, both wind and solar now compete with fossil fuel electricity generation purely on price, without subsidies. But wind and solar aren’t just

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Is a Small Wind Turbine Right For Your Home?

Wind turbines have been around for centuries but their massive size has made it nearly impossible for regular homeowners to bring this technology to their homes. Today, however, you can choose from small to micro wind turbines to power your home. The question now is whether a wind turbine is right for you. Before you jump on the next small wind turbine you see you’ll need to first consider a few things.   What is your main purpose

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Tillsonburg: From tobacco farming to building wind turbine blades

Episode 116 - Original Story: By David Dodge and Duncan Kinney The story of Tillsonburg is probably close to the ideal example of what the Ontario government was looking for when it enacted the Green Energy Act in 2009. A small town of 16,000 people in southwestern Ontario, Tillsonburg’s history is famously celebrated in Stomping Tom Connor’s

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Calgary’s wind powered LRT an incredibly successful system: Nenshi

Episode 115 - Original Story: By David Dodge and Duncan Kinney "Every one of these three-car trains that goes by has a capacity of 600 people. That means it's taking about 550 cars off the road. It makes a lot of sense." says Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi. Photo David Dodge, The C-train in Calgary is one of the greatest examples of electrified

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Wild Wind Energy

For centuries we have harnessed the wind to power many different machines, and also let’s face it, windmills in Holland look so much prettier then those smog emitting factories. Windmills are large towers with giant blades, usually a hundred or more feet above the ground, this way it can catch the faster moving air so it can harness more electricity. Most windmills are usually perched on top of a hill which makes it higher so it can catch

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