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How to Sleep Better

More and more people are beginning to experience problems with sleeping. With time, this can have a big impact on their health. We all know how bad we feel after one restless night; just imagine experiencing that horrible feeling over and over again. The truth is that the quantity and quality of sleep significantly affect all the aspects of your everyday life. It is important to have a good night of sleep that will help you recover from the previ

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Green Marketing Sustainability

Green marketing may just seem to be a trendy new way of selling a product or service, but what is green marketing? Does it make a difference? Green marketing by dictionary definition is the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally preferable to others. Green, environmental and eco-marketing are part of the new marketing approaches which do not just re-focus, adjust or enhance existing marketing thinking and practice, but

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10 Good Reasons for Your Business to Become Sustainable

How sustainable is your business? Do you work in an environment that needs an eco-tune up? It’s easy to think green at home as you go about your daily life, but harder when we are in our office environment. It’s almost like we have a split personality, being eco-warrior at home and a ‘what do I care? I only work here’, at our place of employ. We spend more of our life in the office than at home, so this disparity does not make sense.

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Being Green at Work: How to Reduce Carbon Footprint in the Office

Although many people may be model green citizens at home, new research has revealed that when at work people tend to leave their environmental consciences behind. The office is not one of the first places we turn when looking to reduce our carbon footprint, slowly but surely that may be changing. A number of tactics, from using recycled paper to making delivery and travel routes more efficient, can be used to "green" your work. A simple act

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How are Businesses Approaching Sustainability

Going green isn't just a personal matter these days, many businesses are choosing to look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and maintain sustainability. There are many benefits to going green these days!   Energy in, Energy Out Companies are seeing the economic advantages to implementing green procedures within their firm. For example, energy consumption is reduced when switching from regular lights to compact florescent

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How Green is your Office

When people think ‘green’ they tend to refer to their home environment and how they apply sustainable principles there. By taking eco friendly practices out of the home and by using them in all the places we interact with, we can decrease our effect on climate change and create a more environmentally aware atmosphere for everyone. There is a great range of earth friendly gadgets we can use in our work day around the office that are green,

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