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Apps that Help You to Live Green and Healthy

You can make your life more green and healthy by making just one new decision in a week. This doesn’t sound that hard to do, right? One great advantage we have in this modern world is our phones and tablets. They make it easier than ever to stick to a decision. We can get all the information we need, advice and even encouragement for achieving our goals. Isn’t it amazing how you can find the solution for all your problems just by pressing few keys on your phone?

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Ingenious DIY Beauty Treatments

Ask any girl you met how much money does she spend on beauty treatments, and each one of them will have just one answer: Too much. The thing is that all the treatments that help make us beautiful sometimes don't come cheap, and are usually full of toxins that can leach into our bodies via the skin. It takes a lot of products and even more time to do all hair, face, skin and body treatments we need to do to feel beautiful. But, the truth may be

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Making Beauty More Beautiful

How to feel good about looking good this winter Our Canadian climate provides us with glorious weather diversity, and also specific skin care challenges. As the temperature drops, so does the natural moisture in our skin. Winter dehydration is problematic for many, as is dry, inflamed skin and seasonal dullness. Having worked in the cosmetics and beauty industry for over twenty years, I’m familiar with the unique challenges we face each

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Get Gorgeous, Glowing Skin, From The Inside and Out!

Canadians are rock stars when it comes to turning a negative into a positive. Take our annual deep-freeze of a winter, for instance. Thinner-blooded folks might scurry for warmer climes south of the border, but we hearty Canadians strap on our skis, snowboards, and ice skates, and enjoy the few hours of sunlight the season affords us. Yes, we’re an adaptive lot, but our skin? Not so much. Winter weather is tough on skin, our largest (and

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