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Apps that Help You to Live Green and Healthy

You can make your life more green and healthy by making just one new decision in a week. This doesn’t sound that hard to do, right? One great advantage we have in this modern world is our phones and tablets. They make it easier than ever to stick to a decision. We can get all the information we need, advice and even encouragement for achieving our goals. Isn’t it amazing how you can find the solution for all your problems just by pressing few keys on your phone?

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A guide to resourceful Eco shopping

Essential steps to making sustainable decisions when purchasing larger household items and gadgets   Ethical eco shopping is not widely encouraged by large companies and advertising agencies. They persuade potential customers into buying, replacing and upgrading large items on a regular basis -  from cars, furniture, home appliances, to home computer and gaming hardware, and of course cell phones. They tell us that us that if we buy

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What is sustainable furniture?

Sustainable practices should not just extend to the food we eat and the power we use, though they are a great place to start. Every action we take to preserve the earth’s natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint on the earth, so we should embrace and make it work for us. Choosing furniture is a long term purchase, so it needs to be a smart decision with the lowest impact on the environment as it’s going to be a decision that lasts

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Choosing Earth Conscious Furnishings For Your Home

Making good choices about our furniture will help the future of our planet and also will make us feel better. There are many ways to go eco-friendly when it comes to furniture. Certified sustainable wood When cave people realized that boulders weren't the most comfortable things to sit on, wood was almost certainly where they looked. Not only do trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, they keep the surface of the planet cool, they hold

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