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Apps that Help You to Live Green and Healthy

You can make your life more green and healthy by making just one new decision in a week. This doesn’t sound that hard to do, right? One great advantage we have in this modern world is our phones and tablets. They make it easier than ever to stick to a decision. We can get all the information we need, advice and even encouragement for achieving our goals. Isn’t it amazing how you can find the solution for all your problems just by pressing few keys on your phone?

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Natural Hair Care

The media - fashion magazines, commercials, even TV shows and movies send a message that certain hair colours and types are more fashionable, or even more beautiful than others .They promote the idea that we should  intervene with nature, and use a variety of chemicals and hair styling gadgets to achieve a desired look. When curls are in fashion, perms and curling paraphernalia are necessary - when straight hair is in, outcome the straighteners

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Why We Should All Be Using Organic Hair Care Products

Using organic shampoo and conditioner can revive your hair and scalp after years of harsh treatment caused by traditional store bought products. These products may be cheaper and more convenient to buy but are they better for your health? Sadly, no. Some of the detergents and smoothing agents used in these lotions are the same as those used in industry, just in different concentrations. Some shampoos are so harsh they increase the need for

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5 Proven Reasons You Need to use Organic Hair Care Products

With the growing popularity of green health and beauty items there are many claims around that products are ‘natural’, ‘organic’, or even nearly ‘organic’, making it hard to know what is good for your hair and what isn’t. It’s even harder to know if it’s good for the environment as the impact of the product on the earth resources is rarely revealed on the back of the bottle, because it’s normally not a selling feature. So how

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Why use sustainable hair care products?

The hair care industry is worth a billion dollars and it’s all built on one premise – we all have bad hair days, and for some, bad hair decades. We spend hours trying to tame our tresses to look polished and practical for our lifestyles, but sometimes this means that we tie it back in a ponytail. As we tame, and try, and try and tame, we can only come to one conclusion – a good hair care product is worth its weight in gold. Whilst we

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No Poo Hair Care!

No-poo refers to no longer using shampoo to clean your hair and for some, no longer using conditioner either. There are many different ways to clean hair but the lack of chemicals in no-poo makes it eco-friendly. So many different ingredients in hair care only complicates the way the body deals with the dirt, so cleansing hair with stronger ingredients is becoming the norm. As the hair gets used to one product, you have to move on to the next

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