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Apps that Help You to Live Green and Healthy

You can make your life more green and healthy by making just one new decision in a week. This doesn’t sound that hard to do, right? One great advantage we have in this modern world is our phones and tablets. They make it easier than ever to stick to a decision. We can get all the information we need, advice and even encouragement for achieving our goals. Isn’t it amazing how you can find the solution for all your problems just by pressing few keys on your phone?

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5 Ways to Be a Greener Dog Owner

You might be doing your part for the planet, but what about your dog? While your furry companion might be part of the family, the unfortunate downside to their ownership is the hard toll they take on the environment. While more people are becoming aware of the issues surrounding food, clothes and toys manufactured for humans, the same scrutiny is not true for dogs. Even still, there are plenty of ways you can be a more sustainable pet

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Eco-friendly pets

Your pet can be eco-friendly too! Many people have pets, and many people adore their pets, but feel that they don’t need to live a greener lifestyle as you are in control if their choices. There are many ways you can chose that mean your pet can be green too. As people realize the benefits of ecofriendly living, many pet stores are beginning to sell organic pet food; the other green option is to make your own pet food. Before you start

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