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5 Upcycling Ideas to Reuse Household Items

Many of us might have the recycle part down in the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ mantra, but a great way to cover all three Rs is to upcycle old household items. Upcycling isn’t necessarily a new concept, but it has been gaining traction over the years because of its endless flexibility.

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E-waste Recycling the Canadian Experience

According to green activists our environment will be 3x more congested with e-waste by 2017. Even if it is not to be tripled, e-waste is growing in volumes - HUGE volumes. The reason why e-waste is increasing is that technology is growing fast and in an attempt to get better devices, we casually get rid of old electronics not long after purchasing them – the best examples being that of smartphones. It’s also a legacy from the fact that

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Green Computer Use, Recycling and Disposal

Computers, laptops, and tablets have increasingly become are part of our daily lives. There are approximately 1.5 billion PCs in use in the world.  We use them for work, school and leisure. There are so many options available when researching to purchase a new one as our first one, a replacement or just as another to add to the household collection. We apply a variety of criteria to make our choice - which  is the one best suited to our needs,

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Recycling the 80’s

It’s only when we get down to something that makes us sort out all those old boxes we’ve had piling up in the closet for the last three decades, that we come to grips with the fact that we have a lot of leftovers from the 80’s we’re too ashamed to admit we have, but far too attached to to get rid of. We’ve even moved them from home to home waiting for that inspiration to know how to find a new use for the things of our childhood. How

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