Community Action – How to safely dispose of your Household Hazardous Waste?

Written by: Ann Marie Ciobanca

Do you have any products in your home such as old batteries, light bulbs, paint/stain, household cleaning products, nail polish, lotions, body wash, medications, automotive liquids?  These are all considered Household Hazardous Waste products that should not be put into the garbage, but rather safely and properly disposed of.


Most cities have identified drop off locations for these 40 odd Household Hazardous Waste products.  For example, the City of Calgary has “Throw and Go” drop off stations at the entrances of three of its city landfills, as well as at designated city fire stations.  The Halton Region in Ontario has gone an extra step to educate their community regarding the types of household waste products that are hazardous to people and the environment when disposed of incorrectly.  They have provided members of their community with ORANGE BINS.  These bins come complete with a sticker clearly outlining what products can go into them.  Residents are encouraged to use these bins (stored in a safe location where children and pets do not have access) to keep track of  products with Corrosive, Explosive, Poison, and or Flammable symbols on them, to ensure these products are disposed of properly and safely.  The purpose of these bins is so residents have a place to store their Household Hazardous Waste until a time they have enough collected to then make a trip to the Halton Waste Management Site for safe disposal.

It is a very successful program within the Halton Region.  Hopefully this type of program will be adopted in some way by other cities and regions to make a more visible effort to ensure their community members take the time and effort to keep the waste collectors and the environment safe, one bin at a time.



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