Grow Calgary

Calgary is built on farmland and in between the houses that have sprung up, there is still plenty of land left to farm. Grow Calgary is setting out to reclaim fallow land all around the city and get us cultivating our own natural, organic crops, and reaping the holistic benefits the food will give us.

On a small patch of land near Canada Olympic Park, Grow Calgary works the 11 acre parcel to produce good quality, organic food for the Food Bank. Their mission is to provide access to such food for those who struggle to afford it otherwise. It also gives the community the opportunity to become involved with knowing where their food comes from as well as increasing their skills at growing their own.

With the help of a small army of volunteers, Grow Calgary all Calgarians should have access to fresh, organic, local food.  The volunteer farmers grow produce for the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank & they develop programs that inspire people to make healthy food choices.

There are plenty of opportunities to become involved with this amazing project in so many ways. You can volunteer as gardeners whatever your gardening skills, come as a group or arrange for a team building trip as an organization and learn what it takes to successfully nurture a community. There is also always a need for donations to cover the costs of running such a vital organization if you are unable to help in any other way. As the bite on the economy strengthens, the essential service that Grow Calgary provides to our city becomes more important, as well as the skills it teaches. If you have a little time then think about investing it in time well spent at Grow Calgary.

For more information on volunteer or sponsorship opportunities and to learn how you can get involved, please contact the team at or visit

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