Humans of Calgary Ep. 1

Calgary has no shortage of people who are trying to live more sustainably, help those around them, and make a difference in our city at a local level. Below are just a few examples of Calgarians we met with this month who have important ideas that can change our city for the better.

Lourdes Juan – Leftovers (

“There was a COBS Bread in the NW in Calgary that had an end of day giving program, so I just started asking questions about what happens to food or bread that isn’t picked up on Friday night or Saturday night and it just spawned from there. We started asking different places in Calgary if they would be willing to donate, and everyone was really receptive, so it turned into what it is today.”


Maceij Bialy – Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta

“I commonly hear, you know, that Alberta is coal powered, why bother? There is actually a recent Simon Fraser University study that shows that even driving an electric vehicle in our province, that’s mostly a fossil fuel grid, actually can reduce emissions by up to 45%.”


Kye Kocher – Grand Trunk Veggies (

“You should show up to the farmers markets because god we need that in Calgary. We need a farmers market culture. Just come out to the farmers market like once a week and buy one thing, because it’s just so vital.”


Angela Bewick – Amaranth Whole Foods Market (

“Ok so number one thing for immune: good fresh whole food diet. Get as much variety as you can possibly stand in the winter time. Make sure your getting things like soup which really concentrate the nutrients in the food, nice herbal teas, which again is a really concentrated nutrient.”


Kevin Davies – Hop (

“I think so much of the conversation historically has been about polar bears and 100 year projections, that I think it’s refreshing to see just how close to home it can actually hit.”


Paul Hughes – Grow Calgary (

“The number one argument to counter a shorter growing season is bringing more land online. So, you know, if you don’t have a lot of time to grow, then you want to grow as much as you can on as much land as you can at that time.”


As we continue to move towards a more sustainable existence, the number of stories like these will only continue to grow. Stay tuned to the Green Humans of Calgary series each month to learn about the people making a difference in our city.

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