Recycling Council of Alberta

We are really excited to announce our sponsorship of the Recycling Council of Alberta and support the great work they do in the province help the community recycle.

The Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA) is a not-for-profit, non-political organization formed in 1987, and approved as an official charity in 1995. The RCA was started by a group of like-minded individuals within the recycling industry who saw a need to advance the interests of recycling in the province.

Several reasons exist as to why the RCA should promote recycling. Recycling helps us to convert our old products into new useful products which is good for the environment. Since we are saving resources and are sending less trash to the landfills, it helps in reducing air and water pollution. It also helps process toxic trash so that they do not end up harming the environment in our forests and oceans. Recycling helps the environment on so many levels.

The RCA have chosen to approach the issue of recycling from many angles. They work with corporations, governments and individuals, educating, mentoring and involving them in the recycling process and it’s advantages.

Their mission and goals pretty much cover every eventuality and displays their commitment to the environment when it states:

“Leadership & Advocacy

Encourage policy that facilitates waste reduction, recycling and resource conservation. Read the RCA’s public policies and check out recent lobbying letters.

  • Maintain a strong and diverse membership
  • Develop strategic alliances and partnerships.
  • Develop proactive policies on strategic issues.
  • Present RCA position to key influencers and monitor results.

Industrial, Commercial and Institutional

Encourage and assist the ICI & C&D sectors to responsibly manage their waste stream, assume product stewardship, increase recycled content and conserve resources.

  • Promote ICI waste stewardship and reduction.
  • Promote construction and demolition waste reduction.
  • Encourage design-for-environment.
  • Recognize excellence in product stewardship.

Rural and Small Communities

Support the development and ongoing recycling and waste reduction programs in communities with a population of less than 25,000

  • Develop waste diversion, reduction and recycling education and training tools for small and rural communities (e.g. Recycling 102 presentation, recycling database)
  • Create and advocate a sustainable funding model to address unique challenges of small and rural communities
  • Develop and implement programs on the basis of priority materials
  • Support and encourage RCA membership in small and communities in Alberta


Raise awareness, educate and encourage responsibility for waste reduction, recycling and resource conservation.

  • Deliver key messages and information, which support strategic objectives, to target audiences.
  • Develop and deliver education & networking initiatives.
  • Assist other committees to communicate key concepts and messages.


Enhance the effectiveness of the RCA in pursuit of our goals and objectives.

Pathway to Zero Waste

On our pathway towards Zero Waste, the RCA will initially address Five Bold Steps:

  1. Government Relationships
  2. Organics Diversion
  3. C&D Waste Diversion
  4. Packaging (and Printed Materials) Stewardship Program
  5. Agricultural Plastics Recycling Program

The RCA is active in many areas, including the following:

Information Exchange
The Recycling Council of Alberta acts as an interface for information and dialogue between industries, governments, environmental groups, and consumers. This networking function is facilitated through regular meetings, as well as special events such as seminars and conferences.

The Recycling Council of Alberta delivers a variety of educational initiatives, including workshops, training seminars, conferences and public education campaigns. These initiatives cover a variety of topics related to waste reduction and diversion. Examples include the following successful programs:

  • Alberta’s Recycling Hotline – Individuals looking for information on where they can recycle certain items in their vicinity, can call the Recycling Hotline at 1-800-463-6326 weekdays or access the information 24/7 at This service is provided in partnership with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.
  • Recycling Ambassador Project – summer students travel the province to educate the public about Alberta’s Used Oil, Tire, Beverage Container and Electronics Recycling Stewardship Programs by visiting retailers, collection points, public officials, municipal events and trade shows.
  • Speaker’s Bureau – RCA is maintaining a list of volunteer speakers across the province. School classes or other groups that want to learn about waste reduction and recycling can contact us and we will get them in touch with a local speaker to give a presentation on these topics.

Enviro Business Guide Directory
In an effort to effectively market our members’ products and services, while encouraging market development for recycled materials, the Recycling Council of Alberta publishes a comprehensive membership directory and product guide. The Enviro Business Guide outlines the variety of recycled-content products and waste reduction services available from our members.
The Enviro Business Guide is maintained as an on-line directory, providing easy reference by name or product category. Member businesses of the RCA automatically receive a listing in the guide as one of the benefits of membership.

Research & Development
The Recycling Council of Alberta encourages research in the recycling of waste materials, and the development of effective waste reduction technologies. To this end, the RCA also develops position papers and advises government concerning recycling and waste minimization policies. Click here to read the RCA’s public policies.

Annual Waste Reduction Conference
The Recycling Council of Alberta hosts an annual waste reduction conference in conjunction with its Annual General Meeting each fall. The RCA Fall Conference brings together speakers and stakeholders from around the province and throughout North America to promote and discuss waste reduction, recycling, and resource recovery issues. Follow this link to browse and download proceedings from our most recent conference.

Connector Newsletter
The Recycling Council of Alberta publishes a quarterly newsletter reporting on current issues and items of concern to individuals and organizations involved in waste reduction and recycling. Newsletter content includes products and projects, technology updates, market conditionsrecycling news, success stories andupcoming events.

Hot and recycling-relevant news items are distributed to our membership via “Newsflash”, our email / fax information service. Read the latest Newsflash here.”

Calgary.isgreen is proud to support the Recycling Council of Alberta, as recycling is vital in the disposable age we live in. As people do not take on the responsibility to reduce or reuse their carbon footprint, the need for recycling will exist. By making recycling a priority in our work and living precious resources will be saved and it will increase the natural state of the earth.

It stands to reasons that the more you recycle old products the less you will require the need of buying new products. As a result there will be energy and resource savings, as well as a lack of pollutants released in to the air. But to fully support the RCA we also need to consider buying recycled products. The products recycling produces are just as valuable to saving the environment.

Size of the landfills can be significantly reduced if we reduce our daily waste and recycle more, our goal should be to follow in Sweden’s footsteps who currently put only 1% of the their waste in landfill. If we don’t recycle the product the landfills site will become more common around the city which will certainly affect wildlife and environment.

We can support the RCA’s important work by consciously advocating reducing, reusing and recycling as a viable option and helping, actively enjoying and volunteering in recycling initiatives.



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