Homemade Organic Popsicles

Surviving the summer is not easy. This heat has become unbearable, and it is getting more and more difficult to find the escape from it. There is nothing we want more during the hot summer days than to relax with some cold refreshments. And what can be more cold and refreshing than a delicious ice cream or ice popsicle? But, truth be told, these days it is hard to know which kind of ice cream is actually good for your family. We simply don’t know what they exactly put in it. Those preservatives, additives and sugar surely can’t be good for your family. If you want to keep your family safe and healthy, you will want to avoid using any of that in any chance you get.

But, don’t worry this doesn’t mean you and your family can’t enjoy some cold refreshments whenever they want to. It just calls for a little creativity and craftiness. Why should you even consider using commercially made ice creams when you can easily make homemade organic popsicles from the scratch? You will be surprised how easily you can make them. Yes, you can always try finding organic popsicles in the shops, but are they really worth that price? In your own kitchen you can make popsicles that will be cheaper but also healthier.

Making popsicles doesn’t take a lot of time nor ingredients. You just need a freezer, some molds and something sweet and tasty to put in them. It these hot summer days it is really not that hard to find something sweet with all that fruit that is now available. Mix some fresh fruit, organic yogurt, milk, juices or even coconut water to create one of a kind batch of popsicles. You can play with a bunch of various flavors to discover what your favorite one is. You will surprise yourself with every new combination because most of these new popsicles flavors you would never be able to find in the shop. What is best of all is that this way you will be able to get your children to eat more fruit, and less sweets without them even knowing it.

Which popsicle molds do you use?

One thing is sure; there are a lot of options when it comes to popsicle molds. In shops or even online you can find a wide variety of sizes and shapes that will leave no one indifferent.  Most of these molds are reusable and come with their own sticks which mean fewer wrappers and sticks for you to throw away. Who would’ve guessed that your desire for homemade organic popsicles will also help the environment?

Various household objects can become a great alternative to a bought popsicle molds. If you don’t want to waste your money before you become a true popsicle enthusiast, read on for some creative mold ideas.

  • Ice Cube Trays – This way you can make perfect popsicles for little kids for whom those regular sized are a bit too big. Your bigger kids will also be thrilled with the opportunity to finally grab more than one piece. Pour your popsicle mix into the trays, add sticks and put it in your freezer.
  • Plastic cups – Use them the same way as an ice cube trays. Play with the different sizes to create a delicious, versatile mix of popsicles.
  • Baking Tins – Little baking tins are perfect for making different shaped popsicles. They will turn out amazing.

You can also use styrofoam egg carton, glasses or anything else you want. Go on a little scavenger hunt with your kids and find various popsicle molds all over your house.

Homemade popsicle ideas

Popsicle with Coconut Water   

These popsicles demand a little creative spirit. Choose any fruit of your choice (watermelon and mango go together amazing) and dice it. Fill your popsicle molds halfway through with coconut water and then add diced fruit until you fill it all the way.  Put it in a freezer, wait and enjoy.

Blueberry Popsicles

Choose amount of ingredients depending on how many popsicles you want to make. Blend the blueberries and pour it into the molds mixing it together with vanilla flavored greek yogurt. For a better visual impression try adding one spoon of the blueberry mix followed by the one of yogurt and then repeating the process.

Chocolate Popsicles

These popsicles will quickly become everybody’s favorite.  They are not hard to do but you need to be sure to make a little extra. They are so amazing everybody will want to have an extra bite. Start by mixing the milk and water in a bowl, carefully stirring add the cocoa, vanilla and sugar. After they are completely dissolved pour it into molds. Remember, you can always use some other organic substitute for sugar, like honey, agave or stevia.

Beer Popsicles

Well, popsicles don’t need to be only for children. Be adventurous and make popsicles that would be a perfect choice for you and for your friends. Pour your favorite beer into popsicle molds, put in your freezer and wait for a refreshing miracle. Don’t limit yourself only on a beer; you can also do this with any other liquid. This will give the completely new look to your garden or neighborhood parties.

Continue mixing various combinations of fruit to create most amazing popsicles you have ever tried. If you need more inspiration search around the internet and you will surely find various recipes you want to try. Stock your freezer with various ice popsicles and you will have no problem surviving the summer.

Not only these tasty homemade popsicles will leave your whole family speechless but they will be an extraordinary summer activity for the whole family. Your kids will want to join you every time you mention the idea of making a new batch of popsicles. Soon they will have new ideas about the fruit you can add. You will become the object of jealousy of every other mom in the neighborhood when they see their children flocking to your home.

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