10 ways to reuse CDs

It’s been a while since CD’s were a staple of every computer owner for storing data, but there are still secret stashes we all have somewhere! Do you have a whole stack of old CD’s that are going nowhere?

Well here’s 10 ways to reuse them!

  1. Bird bath: All you need is to smash up a few CD’s and an old plate. Use outdoor grout or leftover cement to stick them to the plate and in the gaps between. Then you get beautiful bird bath! (Don’t forget that bees need this type of design for drinking water.)


  1. Mirror: Add a cool border around a mirror to make it even more dazzling. Reuse old mirrors that you have hanging around, or find in a thrift store – and how cool are these to make as gifts!


  1. Kleenex box: This one is for everyone! CD’s glued to a Kleenex box, easy and stylish.


  1. Lamp: This one is a little more tricky, but it looks so good! It’s a beacon of hope for any old CD’s you have laying around your house. You can buy the light fitment from most DIY stores, and the bottom can be made from round coasters or cork tiles. Drill holes for the metal rods to go through, cap them – and voila! A unique a gorgeous light for a man cave


  1. Coasters: CD’s + Paper, or just plain CD’s to make great coasters. You could also personalize them with favourite photos or to match your décor.


  1. End Table: cover an old end table with CDs and this end table is new and exciting! Use the same method as you used for the bird bath


  1. Jewelry Box: Easy, and great fun for the whole family. Are you thinking about all the great things you can do with old CDS? The possibilities are endless!


  1. Ornaments: Tis the season (at Christmas) to have a sparkling tree. All the family can make these!


  1. Clock: You get to tell the time with this great recycled conversation Clock parts are available from craft stores and there all kinds of decals you can use, or think about old photos, scraps of matching fabric or anything that you can think of.! Make it your own – then give it as a gift for that someone extra special.


  1. Dream catcher: This is more kid-centered, but all you need is markers, string, beads, and an old CD – oh! And a little imagination!


Once you start upcycling items around your home you begin to get into that frame of mind. All of a sudden you can see all the wonderful things you can do with items just lying round the house – instead of them going to landfill.

Life is better – when it’s upcycled!

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