Get Around the Green Way

A car is a gas guzzling, and money eating machine, not to mention the impact it as on the environment – and everybody has one. One of the most important ways you can reduce your carbon footprint on the earth is to look at the way you get around. A car is so convenient; but is that convenience worth the price the earth pays? There are numerous ways to save money by finding other methods of transport, and also saving the earth by using greener ways.

Most cities and suburbs have public transit systems, they are cost efficient, and save so many earth destroying gasses. Transit systems have got very sophisticated with the rise of the smartphone with apps that will tell you where the transit is, how close it is to your stop and what kind of changes you need to make. Initiatives by governments to get people using public transport are helping to make riding the bus, tram or train a real alternative to driving a car.

Walking in the summer is a pleasant way to cool down, get some exercise and really appreciate things around you. It’s a great way to meet people and to give you some time to yourself to think, plan or just enjoy your community and see what’s around. Try and get a walking buddy if you can and see how much fun walking to where you need to go can be.

Cars are the way we pollute the earth most and many apartment complexes, campuses, or even private companies sponsor car share programs which help save money, and the environment. Car pool car parks are becoming more common where your car can be left whilst you ride the transit or gather together to cut down the number of cars you need to use. All they take to find is a bit of research and asking around so that you can find people to car pool or car share with.

In many cities and towns, walking school buses are available where children walk in a large group with parent supervision. This is a great way for children to catch up with their friends, and also develop habits while they’re young. If there is no walking school buses in your area, walking your child to school or organizing a group walk with neighbourhood kids will get them into a great habit that will last them a lifetime.

Bike-sharing is another great way to save money and live better and becoming popular at many university campuses with preference being given to bikes in bike lanes and parking. Rental bikes are available around big towns and cities and on school and university campuses. There is a full range of accessories for a bike – extra luggage capacity and child seats and trailers to make biking a good option for everyone. Biking is a great way to get out, exercise, and also see the world around.

Challenge yourself for a week to not use the car and find alternate ways, walking, public transport, or even carpooling. See how far you can go and what you can think of to get the where you need to go. Carpooling is an efficient way to get a group to their destination, and it’s also a great way to get to know other people. Ask around to see if anyone is going where you are, or if you could set up a carpool. Batch errands, carpool for errands and see if you can reduce your transport as much as you can.

Look into an e-bike or scooter, these are very eco-friendly, and practical, maybe not the most stylish but to save money and help the environment, some sacrifices have to be made. They have electric or small engines added to them so that can help with longer journeys, but are not so harsh in emissions and kinder to the planet.

There are so many different methods to get about without using the car so take the initiative and ask around. Going green can save the planet we call home, help you meet new friends and also save lots of money in the long run.

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