See the world and still travel green

Travel is bug that gets to you. But with huge fuel guzzling planes, trains and automobiles leaving huge carbon scars on the planet, how can you be a earth conscious traveller? There are many different ways to travel in an eco-friendly way, it could be going on a volunteer trip and helping the locals there, supporting a green tourist initiative or it could be investing in a eco-friendly hotel or lodge.

Travelling doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Volunteer in Kenya to help Mangrove plantation.

You may wonder why this is so important but you will do when you see your first mangrove forest.  Mangrove forests are some of the most popular wetlands on this Earth, they help along the coast to protect coral reefs, and also to protect ecosystems and any habitats there. After a tsunami that hit Gazi Bay, Kenya it destroyed a lot of the mangrove forest and which are still struggling to growing back. Mangroves used to populate a lot of the rainforest regions, but now they are being chopped down at a unsafe rate for supply commercial ventures around the world so volunteers and researchers work together to help plant and repopulate these regions with mangrove trees.

Stay in a 1611 church now a B&B on the British Coast

Located by the historic town of Chichester, England, this converted church built in the 1600s promotes green tourism. They provide guests with fresh organic foods, and also other methods of staying eco-friendly. It is a nice historic spot and perfect for a getaway vacation without compromising your green values

Visit the St. Louis, MO. City museum.

This museum in St Louis, is home to thousands of recycled objects, it is the perfect place to discover recycling and also the rooftop garden. Learn about green investments in caring for the future, and take home ideas to help your home be more earth friendly.

A week at Acadia National Park in Maine.

Acadia National Park is located on the island of Mount Desert Island in Maine. It is a wonderful, scenic park that is perfect for hiking, exploring or just being in the outdoors, many campsites are available for a nice scenic week away. Organic, natural and ready to enjoy take the time to support the eco systems it offers.

Volunteer for Habitats for Humanity.

Habitats for Humanity is a great volunteer program for those who want to help make a difference. Volunteering in different areas of the world can be such a rewarding experience, and also helping out locals in many different ways. Contact them and see where your volunteer hours can make a difference.

Cruise the Galapagos

A company called Ecoventura provides a wonderful, scenic and comfortable cruise of the Galapagos Islands but is also eco-friendly. The company has invested in alternate energy solutions and also carbon emissions to ensure that every trip doesn’t destroy the environment more.

Maybe don’t go anywhere.

Sometimes there’s someone in our own communities who need our help. Seek them out; give some aid around your own community. Start a green initiative of your own and invite people to participate. Look for local destinations that encourage the earth to grow and develop and educate people on when they need to do to have fun and be eco conscious.

Like what we’re doing? Want to share your story or tell others? Do you have a green business in Calgary and want to get in front of a large local audience? Let’s build a green community together!