Plant an Urban Vegetable Garden

We are all aware how important the plants are for our life. Not only do they make everything look a more bright and inviting environment, but they also produce the air we breathe and represent a large amount of food we eat. That is why most of us love to spend time surrounded by plants, no matter if that is outside in the parks, in the garden or even in the comfort of your home. But for those living in the city, having a green oasis environment can be hard to accomplish. People with green thumbs may find it difficult living in the world where they can’t express their love for gardening. But, even though it can be hard to find a place for your gardening projects when you are living in the city, it is not impossible. If you are determined to have your little patch of greenery you will find a way, you just need to invest some imagination, hard work and planning. Your window, balcony, patio, deck or even a roof can become a home to your all new vegetable garden.

Perfect place for your vegetable garden

  • Apartment balconies – Having an organic vegetable garden can be extremely challenging when living in the apartment. No matter how spacious it is, they often do not have enough outdoor space for doing all you want to do.  But, you shouldn’t allow this to stop you in accomplishing your dreams. Your balcony can become a real green oasis if you put your mind to it. Under the right conditions, almost any plant will thrive on your balcony as it would in a backyard garden.
  • Roof-tops – Some apartments have access to the roof space which can be a great solution for an organic vegetable garden. By using your roof-top, you will make the most of the place that is usually unused and even wasted. But, before you even start making any plans for your roof-top garden you need to check is that even possible due to the lod bearing capability of the roof. Hire an expert to check out is it possible to use your roof-top in that way, and ask the building’s owners or superintendent if you can plant a garden.
  • Windows – Why don’t you utilize the space you usually don’t use? Your windowsill or the space outside your windows could become a perfect spot for your small vegetable garden. Even though you have the smallest window in the world, you will still be able to fit some vegetables or herbs on it. Imagine how amazing it would be to have your own, organic basil, rosemary, mint or oregano within your reach while you are cooking.

How to grow a vegetable garden?

When trying to make your urban garden your need to use your imagination. You need to find a way to take the advantage of all available space and to use it in the best way possible.

  • Containers

One of the easiest ways of growing natural vegetable garden is using containers. Not only that you can use almost anything you have in your home as a container, but you can also move them around as you like and whenever you want it. Recycled plastic buckets, storage bins or even wooden wine crates are the great options to use, if you don’t want to spend any money. By using containers, you can easily grow various natural types of plants from lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, beans or even potatoes.

  • Vertical gardens

This is a great way for making the most of the small space. You can use shelves or build your own creations with old wood, fencing, wire or something else you find laying around. Be creative and imaginative and you will surely find the perfect solution. Did you know that shipping pallets can be a perfect place for a vertical garden? Using this type of garden you will still get the same amount of produce but you won’t use so much space. Just make sure that all your plants get enough sunlight, and that you position them in a way that will accommodate the best drainage and air circulation.

  • Hanging baskets

If you don’t have enough time on your floor, why don’t you start looking up? Use hanging baskets to free up your floors. You can easily do this yourself by putting suspension rod and hanging natural baskets on it. This is the great solution for various types of plants, especially vining or trailing varieties. You would be surprised how easier are tomatoes to pick when they are hanging upside down from a basket.

What to plant?

If you are afraid that you are lacking a green thumb, but still want to create your own urban garden you should try planting plants that are almost indestructible and those that grow fast so you can enjoy your work sooner.

  • Herbs

You can’t go wrong with herbs. Even if you have the smallest windowsill ever, you can still fit some herbs on it. Planting herbs is the first step for any new gardener. The best thing about them is that they are great neighbors so you can usually put them together in a container with some other plant, and in the process use every inch of the space you have available. Luckily, when it comes to the herbs, everybody can find some type they’ll love to have. Choose your favorites among rosemary, thyme, mint, parsley, oregano, sage, basil or some other herb that will look and smell perfect in your garden.

  • Peas and Beans

This is also a great addition to urban garden. Not only they are extremely delicious, but they also grow well in containers. To use up even more space choose runner beans or climbing French beans and peas which grow up rather than out.

  • Tomatoes

The amazing thing about tomatoes is that there are so many types you can surely find one that will be perfect for your garden. Not only do they thrive in containers but you can even plant some types into hanging baskets and they will grow without a problem.

There are a lot of other plants you should try to grow in your garden, but these three types are an excellent start. Consider what type of the garden you have and how much sun do you get daily and choose plants accordingly. Practice is a key so don’t be afraid if your first seeds are not a success. Just keep trying and experimenting and you will surely manage to create your little piece of green environment heaven.

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