Apps that Help You to Live Green and Healthy

Often, we decide to do something, but we just can figure out where to begin. Living a green and healthier lifestyle is one of those things. More and more people are deciding to make an effort to reduce the impact they leave on the world and create sustainable future. They want to do everything they can do to make the world a better place, but they don’t know how to start. Making these steps in your life doesn’t mean that you need to change every single aspect of your life; even the smallest step can make a difference. You can make your life more green and healthy by making just one new decision in a week. This doesn’t sound that hard to do, right?

One great advantage we have in this modern world is our phones and tablets. They make it easier than ever to stick to a decision. We can get all the information we need, advice and even encouragement for achieving our goals. Isn’t it amazing how you can find the solution for all your problems just by pressing few keys on your phone? Our phones and tablets have become a large part of our lives. Now we have apps for everything, from fitness, communication, education, health, entertainment, informing and best of all for games. Using apps can be an excellent tool for starting green lifestyle. Everybody can make steps to live a more eco-friendly life by using these apps:

Food Scores


This great app you can find on iOS and Android, will definitely change the way you eat. By using it you will be able to search for nutritious and healthy food when shopping and make better decisions. You can find around 80,000 products from 1,500 brands and app checks nutrition, ingredients and additives. Not only you can search the product by name but also scan the barcode. That makes a process a lot easier. Each product will be rated from 1-10, with 1 being the best and 10 is the worst score. You would be surprised to find out that only 18% of the listed products are in the green zone. Install this great app and make healthier choices.



Foodtweeks, an app for iOS and Android, is a great app you could use for making healthy and green decisions. Not only this app will help you lose weight but you will also feed a hungry family by using it. It is really simple to use no matter if you are planning to eat out or cook at home. You will need to pick the food you are planning to eat and this great app will give you few suggestions for trimming the calories. For every calorie you decide not to use, the Foodtweeks will make the donation to a local food bank. Tweek the food you are considering to use, lose weight and feed a hungry family. You won’t miss these calories, but some hungry family will think of them as a lifesaver. Isn’t that a great way to lose weight?



JouleBug is the app you will definitely want to install. Not only this app is free both for iOS and Android but it is extremely playful. You will enjoy using it. It is like a game but in which you need to achieve green goals and best of all, you can compete with other people and share your achievements on your online social networks. When using this great app, you will discover various tips and tricks about making eco-friendly choices in your everyday life. This green app will help you reduce your waste and also energy bills. Did you know that you could save around of $200/year by following these tips? That isn’t too bad for making green choices in your life?

Changers CO2 Fit:


Changers, well known green tech startup, has gone mobile. They have launched mobile app called CO2 Fit. This app for IOS and Android rewards everyday green behavior and motivates people to reduce CO2 emissions. When using this app, you will need to enter the type of journey you are taking, whether that is by bus, train, cycling or your own car. CO2 Fit will monitor all the aspects of your trip like speed and length of the journey, and then it will calculate how much CO2 have you emitted. This app will force you to make a green choice at least once in a while. Maybe you’ll choose to use a bike instead of a car once in a week and save CO2.



Rippl is a free mobile application for IOS that will help you make green choices in your life. This app launched by Ocean Conservancy and Invoke will give you green and eco – friendly living tips that will help you create sustainable habits. You can use it to create goals like using reusable bags, using cold water to wash laundry or maybe carrying a reusable mug to work. Track your process with the app and transform the goal into a habit. You can decide which goals you can incorporate into your everyday life and make choices toward your new greener and healthier life.



FitMe is an educational app available for both Android and IOS that will help you to lead the healthy lifestyle. With the help of the tips and advice of doctors from the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan you will learn everything you need to know about food, nutrition and physical activity that will lead to healthier lifestyles. Learn how to improve your daily habits and change your life.



Most people believe that they don’t need somebody to remind them to drink water, but the truth is that most of us don’t drink as much water as we should. This app, which is free both for Android and IOS, will remind to drink it but also monitor your water intake. Remember that is important to stay hydrated to stay healthy.

While these apps will help you create green habits, this doesn’t mean you should stop exploring more options. There are a lot more apps you will find that will be the perfect choice for you. Any of them will help you to transform your life into a greener and healthier one. Not only you will make huge changes to the environment but some of them will help you save money. Just remember, healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly life is just a few touches away.

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