Beauty from the kitchen sink

Every morning people round the globe use substances to help their skin, and hair, but in reality those chemical laden tubes and tubs aren’t all that great for our skin and hair, and also harm our environment. There are many different alternatives that are not only good for our earth but also wonderful for your own skin and hair.

If you’re a person who has dry skin, or those wrinkles that come with age or needs something moisturizing for hair, then coconut oil is a splendid alternative. Its ability to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and also the skin is the key, this oil acts from deep within the cells to ensure conditioning and moisturising effects that last for a long time. Coconut oil is also a source of antioxidants such as vitamin E and so, using it regularly can also help prevent those wrinkles that appear on the skin with ageing.

We all know that hair dye works magic for those grey hairs, but we also know hair dye contains many harmful chemicals, including tar derivatives. These chemicals are harmful, potentially causing cancer. Using henna is an alternative that provides a great color and is natural and doesn’t damage the hair in the long run. Combined with sesame oil and curry leaves, or mix with beetroot juice, or add into a mix of curd, lemon juice and tea – whatever the shade you desire, henna can help you achieve it and in the process, also keep your body cool.

Face masks and packs are a great way to help your skin glow and to rejuvenate, but many of these commercial products contain chemicals that harm you and the environment. Believe it or not there are great alternatives to use which are in your kitchen. Mix in some turmeric powder with a little curd and apply on your face. Or, mash ripe papaya fruit into a rough pulp and apply – this will also help reduce the appearance of black spots on the skin.

Aloe Vera is an eco-friendly substance that comes from plants; it contains no chemicals and is easy to get a hold of – you can even grow it at home. Aloe Vera is a great alternative then those chemical laden creams at the store.

Some would think garlic is a substance to make vampires flee…or that date you never wanted to go on anyway. Surprisingly enough garlic can be used to help reduce acne, and pimples, just peel out the outer covering over garlic clove and rub the clove over the area where the pimple has sprouted. Grind a few cloves and make into a paste using some curd; this face pack is effective in reducing acne.

Lipstick may be nice but the long term effect can harm your lips, pomegranate seeds can be used to make an effective lipstick which won’t hurt your lips in the long run. Crush pomegranate seeds and mix in some milk cream; apply to your lips every day and your lips will be naturally red and full. You can also combine crushed pomegranate seeds with sugar and olive oil and use this paste to gently scrub your lips.

Natural cosmetics are healthier, more economical and are often made of things you have around your home so multi use to. Harnessing natural beauty is a win / win solution all round.

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