How Natural are Natural Cosmetics?

Your body is wrapped in a living, dynamic, waterproof layer that protects from the weather, sun, spills, splashes – from most things, yet is still alive enough to absorb, breathe and keep our body healthy. Human skin needs to be cared for to perform these functions well, so choosing natural cosmetics seems like the logical choice in keeping your skin organic and healthy.

The average woman will absorb 30 lbs of moisturizer in her first 60 years and consumes over 3.5 lipsticks in a life time. Knowing what goes in to your cosmetics is important when you realize how much is absorbed or consumed through your skin and goes into your body. Cosmetics made from natural ingredients would pose no problem if they were ingested, but what does the ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ label mean on the beauty products you buy? How natural are they?

There is little or no regulation on the meaning of the word ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ on cosmetics, so it can be applied to anything that is 100%, 10% or even 1% natural – or even if it was natural once upon a time and processed into a new kind of substance that you can’t pronounce. If the natural content is low, such as an essence, mineral or vitamin, other more toxic ingredients may cancel out any benefit to your skin. Knowing what goes into your beauty products helps you make the right choices that keep you healthy, as well as being earth friendly.

Here are four tips to help you make sure the cosmetics you choose are environmentally friendly and good for your body.


Simple and as unexciting as it is – do your research! Read the ingredients on the products you buy and expect to be able to recognize them all. If it’s natural it doesn’t need to be hidden and you should be familiar with them. Don’t rely on the fact it says ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ on the label, it doesn’t have to include all the ingredients or be a main ingredient. Look around until you find what you want or you can find someone who can confirm all their ingredients are truly green.


If you are choosing a scented product make sure essential oils are used. These are the only natural ingredients that are strong enough to scent beauty products and keep aromatic integrity. Essential oils are easy to recognize as they are named after the plant they come from, such as lavender, tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus. These oils are naturally distilled from the plant, unlike perfume oils that are chemicals that come from a factory. The added benefit of essential oils in a beauty product is that they also have therapeutic elements that are good for the body.


Read the reviews about the products you are looking at. See what other people say about how effective they are what they did to their skin. If it’s natural product the reviews will be good as organic compounds nourish the skin. The chances are there are other people that are researching the products for their natural authenticity and will share that knowledge. Write reviews about the products you like and make sure you let people know how natural they are and what they do for you.


The price of natural cosmetics, sadly, is usually higher than chemical based ones. The extraction of natural compounds in a fair way is more costly and the lack of mass production means that there is no discounting of ingredients. If you come across a price that is too good to be true – it probably is.

To keep your skin and body healthy to last a life time, make sure you know the products you use are truly natural and organic. They will be produced in a sustainable way, but also will be beneficial to your body. Do not be afraid to ask questions on what is in the cosmetics and where they come from, as the more information you have the better judgment you can make. Great judgments, in this case, lead to a healthy body and a healthy environment.

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