Essential Oils During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is by far the most significant event in the life of every woman. It brings joy and bliss in a woman’s heart and it sets peace and everlasting love in her soul. But at the same time, pregnancy can be accompanied by fear and worries. And this is normal! There’s nothing you can do about it. Fears, stress and worries make up our life too, together with positive emotions. Basically, they act as the engine that drives us out of our everyday misery and routine. They color our life and provide it with desire to be better and do better. Stress during pregnancy is attributed to the emotional imbalance that the woman is going through. Such stress cannot be eradicated completely, yet, it can be reduced. You can minimize your stress and worries during your pregnancy by applying several organic tips and tricks that work amazingly well if you are a woman that loves and respects herself! Self-care is the best and most effective way to love your body back for what it is going through at this moment of your life, and for the changes that this pregnancy will effectuate in your mind, body and spirit.

This article we are going to dedicate to the vast topic of how to promote organic self-care during pregnancy, how to establish a connection with your mind and body while carrying another life in your womb. It will surely help you manage your stress levels and therefore contribute to a pleasant and comfortable organic pregnancy experience.

If you’ve never been in a good relationship with self-care, it is the perfect moment to start providing yourself the needed amount of attention and care that you deserve not only as an expectant mother but also as a woman. Your pregnancy can change your life for good. If you’ve been unhappy before pregnancy, implementing these tips will make positive improvements to your life in the future. Let’s talk self-care. Let’s talk how you can actually start your rehabilitating journey towards a happier and healthier you as a mother-to-be and woman.

Essential oils have been used for many, many years now for healing purposes. Natural essential oils possess properties that can cure the body of many different conditions, both moral and physical. This is what many health care practitioners and therapists say. And this is true! It has been proved by centuries of effective implementation in medicinal and spiritual uses. It is now used by spiritual teachers, mentors, even in medicine, as a way to combat diseases and moral imbalances. In case of sustainable pregnancy, organic essential oils can provide you with the right self-care that your body and mind requires. It can help you alleviate your stress and even prevent or reduce stretch marks. There are many different essential oils available for you to purchase in your local store or pharmacy. Each of them has different properties that are good for this or that problem. You have to read as much as you can and learn more about the medicinal properties of essential oils and how they can help you during your natural pregnancy.

The aromatherapy concept has been introduced in early 1900s as a way to promote a sustainable, healthy living around people of all age groups. Since then, it has gained popularity all over the world, not only in Europe but also on other continents. Nowadays, aromatherapy is greatly implemented in traditional medicine as a means of relaxation, stress relief and as a health booster. However, you have to make sure you use only one drop of the essential oil together with a couple of drops of any base oil. Also, make sure you switch essential oils because using only one essential oil for an extended period of time might not bring effective results and will probably irritate your body and your nose. When it comes to a natural pregnancy, some of the most advised essential oils are Lavender, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Lime, Mandarin, Patchouli, Geranium, Ginger and many more. However, they are not very suitable to be used in the first trimester. Also, there are certain oils that should be avoided such as rosemary, cinnamon, arnica, broom, buchu, coriander, bitter almond, basil, clove and clary sage as these can cause adverse reactions. At times, they might lead to premature contractions, hypertension, high blood sugar, bleeding in uterus and even affect kidneys. These contraindications are severe and must not be neglected by any means. Also make sure you don’t implement aromatherapy if you have epilepsy, heart problems, a history of miscarriage and more.

If you want to start your aromatherapy, you have to learn all the ins and outs of this particular treatment option. You cannot choose doing aromatherapy just because you like the nice odours it spreads in your house. There are certain organic essential oils that are prohibited from being used during pregnancy. And that is why you have to make sure you’re aware of what these are. Other than that, you can make use of the web as a great source of information in regard to this topic. You can learn how to combine essential oils, which ones are the most effective in improving your mood, alleviating your stress and eradicating all the moral issues you might have concerning your pregnancy.

Besides that, you are advised to consult your health care practitioner to ensure that you’re not allergic to certain plants from which essential oils are made of. Don’t forget that essential oils are highly concentrated and that is why you must be very careful. Another very important aspect is to buy good quality oils from reliable vendors or stores. No matter whether you need it for aromatherapy or to treat your swollen ankles or backache, you have to make sure that you’re making use of high quality oils both on your body and in your house. Therefore, now that you have this information, you can go ahead and learn about the essential oils you can make use of and the ones that are prohibited, in order to have a pleasant and comfortable pregnancy experience!

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