How Calamus Oil Is Beneficial to You

As we all know that calamus plant has long been available to us since ancient times. Calamus is a perennial herb which is native to Acoraceae family of genus Acorus. Initially, it was grown around the mountains of Central Asia for using not only in Ayurveda but also in various traditional Chinese medicines. Though, the whole plant of calamus is considered to be highly beneficial as it has many benefits but so does its oil. There are many Ayurvedic philosophers, yogis, and saints who have been using Calamus Oil for various purposes such as meditation, memory enhancement, proper blood stimulation and neuron circulation to the brain.

Essential Ingredients Available In Calamus Oil

The enthralling oil of calamus is loaded with the essential ingredients which are of paramount importance. These ingredients are b-asarone, a- asarone, b-bisabolene, (z)-isoelimicin, a-terpineol, calamendiol, b-gurjunene, a-selinene, camphone, calamusenone, a-calacorene, isoshyobunine and shybunone in appropriate quantities.

Extraction Method of Calamus Oil

The thick, pale and yellow colored Calamus Oil is derived through the steam distillation method from unpeeled dehydrated roots of Acorus calamus. When used in bathing water, the essential oil of calamus gives immense relaxation and calmness which works extremely great for those who deal with hectic schedules throughout the day. The therapeutic properties of this oil can be attributed as anti-spasmodic, anti-rheumatic, cephalic, antibiotic and memory boosting, etc. Not only this, Calamus Oil has also many other benefits.

Benefits of Calamus Oil: Although most of the persons are quite familiar with its therapeutic properties, but still, we are pointing some of its renowned benefits and usages.

  • Enriched with stimulating properties, Calamus Oil is extremely beneficial for those who are suffering from rheumatism, gout and arthritis as it works effectively in stimulating and increasing the blood circulation in the affected area to provide immense relief from pain and swelling associated with the problem.
  • The essential oil of calamus is especially known for its anti-spasmodic properties which make it useful in relaxing almost all sorts of spasms including nervous spasms as well.
  • Owing to its powerful antibiotic properties, the essential oil of calamus does not allow any type of biotic growth in the body by effectively fighting with all the infections whether it is internal or external.
  • One of the best uses of Calamus Oil is for memory boosting. For those who are undergoing memory loss problem, this oil can prove to be highly beneficial for them. A gentle massage with Calamus Oil is helpful not only in eliminating the problem of memory loss but also helps in repairing some damages which are done to the brain tissues and neurons.


Author Bio:

Abhinav Kumar Singh is a renowned aromatherapist and essential oil educator with 8 years of professional expertise. His passion is to help others by sharing crucial information about aromatherapy, information, usage and tips from essential oils and allied natural extracts. He has been advocating the benefits of natural essential oils through writing and speeches to reach out thousands of persons through his blogs, articles, and speeches. Apart from this, he loves travelling to new places and spending time in his backyard. Click here for detailed information about calamus oil.

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