Green Technology You Cannot Live Without

The world of technology is changing rapidly and we all realise that as we struggle to work out our newest remote control or functions on a washing machine, but the best thing about all these innovations is that sustainable ideas are becoming mainstream. Research and development departments all over the globe are investing in ways to improve our lives using sustainable, reusable or recycled technology.

At the annual Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) for 2015 there were some shining lights in eco gadgets that maybe you really need to beg, borrow but not steal, from your loved ones during this year.

These lovely looking, sustainable, green, eco-friendly ideas that excited us at the office, and we think you’ll love them too.


AudioQuest NightHawk headphones


This is one you can entice your teenage children with – a set of super cool headphones made out of sustainable materials and award winner at CES.

Not only are they made of eco-friendly materials, they are the first headphones that are mass produced containing a 3D printed part – apparently that’s what makes the super sound these speaker headphones create.


GOGORO Scooter


Want to be the cool parent who knows where it’s at? Then look at getting the new Gogoro Electric scooter – for anyone in your family, even Granny will love it.

The Scooter runs on the same batteries that the Tesla model X uses, and you will start seeing the ‘swap out’ stations all over major cities this year. You don’t own the batteries, you lease them, just swapping them out when you need more gogoro juice, and this means that the price of the scooter is significantly less than its other electric counterparts.




XYZ Printing is a Chinese firm that has invested heavily in 3D printing, even inventing an edible 3D printer, but the market they won awards for at CES was their green technology hydroponics cube. It’s stackable so you can grow all types of food in your home, all year round. XYZ are branching out into the clean scene, and if this is anything to go by, I’m glad they are!




What do you get if you cross Will.i.Am, Coca Cola and 3D systems? A 3D printer that is sleek, sexy and made almost completely from recycled coke bottles. Ekocycle call it ‘zero waste and unlimited style’ and they are not wrong.

Ekocycle has a history of taking difference materials and making them into something new. They don’t stick to one industry or style, they throw the net wide with the materials they use and what and how they make what we want to buy. We need more companies like this.


Mogobike Electric Scooter


Scooters figured big in the CES 2015, and this was another of the great ideas that was on display for you to consider. It’s an electric scooter that has a range of 20 miles, has a display that tells you how long to the next charge, can be charged up at home, but get this … it’s foldable! Super easy if you have a commute that needs a boos until you get to a bus stop.

The mogobike has a lot of uses for a lot of people, but you need to remember it weighs 50lbs when folded, so may be limited to the more phycsically able.


Solpro Charger


Solpro showcased a range of amazing solar chargers that can charge your smartphone and tablets on the go. All you need is somewhere to sit and 90 minutes of sun and your handheld device is ready to rock and roll! There are two models, a smaller one with a single solar panel, or the larger model with three solar panels that fold up, but really needs to be carried around in a backpack.

Either way, it’s a great idea to have a free source of energy wherever you are, and with the amount of smartphone and tablets on the planet, will save its resources to.


Edyn Garden Sensor and Water Valve


The Edyn water sensor and valve is one of those inventions that is so simple, it’s smart! Water is important to any garden, indoor or outdoor, but existing watering systems are incredibly inefficient and waste thousands of gallons of water and can waste the crops too.

Edyn have invented a sensor and valve system that ‘reads’ the soil, knows when it needs water – and waters it! It can be plugged into existing systems and it will keep a track of your soils moisture, as well as acidity and nutrient levels that all affect the soil. Clever and simple – we all need one!


Waka Waka charger


Waka Waka chargers have been around for a while producing solid solar chargers and lights that work really well. Their latest charger is well ahead of the curve offering five USB ports and enough power to recharge four LED lights. It’s worthy of a second look if you need a charger as all the free power will make it pay for itself.

As a bonus, when you purchase one Waka Waka donates one to a needy person in the developing world. Sustainable in more ways than one!


3D Ponics


3DPonics is a new company that developed the 3DPonics system to encourage the hands on teaching of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) in schools. It is another simple idea that reuses house hold items to make an aquaponics system to grow organic food.

Another great innovation that makes it easy for every one of every age be a little more green.




After a couple of years of drought and the never ending demand put on fresh water, smart watering systems were another innovation that figured big at CES 2015. This is another great idea that uses smart devices, robotics and cloud computing to take control of the plant watering and control the usage in an intelligent way, saving water and energy.


Spend Consciously


Want to buy eco? There’s an app for that… Spend consciously is an app that can tell you about the choices you make when you purchase something. It can tell you it’s origins, work ethics and even what political party donations they make. Not yet widely available for Canada only companies it provides great information for those items made, or easily available in the USA.

It’s really exciting to see companies creating sustainable solutions to everyday problems and giving us real options to protect the planet. They are all early in their production so the price points may seem little higher, but all of them save you money so will pay for themselves. Going green really is an investment, but not just in the quality of your life, but in the quality of our future.

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