Dr. Marianne Trevorrow

Are you looking for help for environmental or food allergies, more energy and zest for life, help with menstrual or postpartum symptoms or menopause? Or perhaps you are searching for someone who can work with your child with ADHD, autism, other developmental or mood problems? Dr. Marianne has worked successfully for almost a decade with patients throughout the life span, including infants or young children with allergic, mood, or developmental problems and adults with who struggle with digestion, fatigue, mood, hormonal, autoimmune or other chronic health problems.

We are very excited to introduce our newest sponsor, the talented Dr Marianne Trevorrow.

We spent a little time with Dr. Trevorrow and can feel her passion for naturopathic medicine as an alternative for great health for families. We asked her a few questions about her practise and how it could help families.

How did your organization start?

I became an ND because I wanted to provide patients with real answers to their health care problems.   I had been burned out myself in graduate school and from a divorce in the late 80s,  and found I wasn’t getting answers from docs in the conventional system about why I was chronically tired and had weight gain and memory lapses, even though I was still in my twenties.  I was told I would have to accept that I was ‘just getting older’. Eventually, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma and a thyroid disorder by an integrative doc, but it was an ND who finally helped me find a permanent solution using by helping re-balance my immune system and hormones, remove food sensitivities, and change my gut ecology.   I now have better health at 50 than I had at 26!

What are the main services you offer?

My clinical practices with Optimum Wellness Centres are at Airdrie and Strathmore. I provide naturopathic consults and do diagnostic and allergy scratch testing.  I also do injection therapies for fatigue and mood concerns.

Tell us about your organization, your team and your strengths.

Optimum Wellness Centres are a group of practices where practitioners collaborate.  At my offices, I can work in collaboration with chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physiotherapists and psychologists.  We communicate over care and refer to whomever we feel can provide the most appropriate care for any given condition.   We have fantastic staff that helps  keep us on track and on time.  We meet frequently to discuss how we can all work together better!   Patients have said they want their health care team to work together–we walk our talk here.

What are your green objectives?

Our petroleum dependent lives are increasingly making us sick.   As a result, we are becoming dependent on synthetic medicines to manage our increasingly complex health problems.  As an ND, I try to educate my patients on how they can create a healthier life for themselves and their families by eating sustainable, non-toxic diets, get out of their cars and exercise, manage stress and sleep in a healthy way, and finally use non-drug medicines wherever needed.  It’s a basic tenet of any good medicine and part of the Hippocratic Oath that doctors take to ‘first, do no harm’.

So often we are surrounded by obstacles to good health; I see it as my job to help educate my patients so they can live vibrantly and well.

What would you like our audience to most know about you?

I’ve been in practice close to a decade and over the years, I’ve become increasingly convinced that simply listening to patients, most of the time, they will tell you the best way to treat their condition.  Good medicine is an art as well as a science, and I like simple, cost-effective strategies that work to restore health.   I don’t need to be ‘cutting edge’.

What would you most like our audience to learn from the article?

I try to be the doctor that people would like to have, rather than providing the ‘assembly line medicine’ that our system increasingly provides.   It’s a more sustainable model for both patient and provider!

What would you most like our audience to do to help you?

I often hear that ‘people don’t know about me’.  I’d like that to change!


Thank YOU,

~Dr. Marianne

We are really excited to be working with Dr. Trevorrow and welcome her to our community.

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